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Custom Sprites WLDFACE.BIN and UNIT.BIN


The purpose of this thread is to share some of the WLDFACE.BIN and UNIT.BIN (Formation screen) files that i have made for some of the custom sprites that can be found on the site.
the main reason to do this its because some people have a hard time understanding how this works and it can be a tedious thing to do if you dont know what you are doing. i still encourage people to learn how to do it by themselves. this can help a lot

Part 1 (Some generics)

Part 2 (More generics and special characters)

part 3 (monsters) NOTE: if you are using Shishi v492 you can import palletes for UNIT.BIN but not for WLDFACE.BIN (portraits).
if you import it this way then any monster you recruit will display the first portrait you imported and it wont match the monster pallette in your formation screen. you need to import each portrait using FFTEVGRP to have them match their respective unit pallete.

NOTES: The flan BMP im putting here its a fixed version. the one submitted to the site has the first 5 frames displaying a horrendous blue line that makes it look super awkward in game.
 i have also Added an alternative list of palettes for dragons that uses an ugly snow dragon that i made as well as the other 2 unused palettes in the original game (most likely intended variations to holy dragon).
the snow dragon/white dragon looks a bit unrealistic because god knows its hard to make light colors look great but i still tried! i like my snow dragon >:l

You sir, are amazing. Thank you!


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