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Dark Koala:
Okay, I'm trying to do some custom sprites, and I wanted to use Balthier as the base. Now I've successfully accessed sprite files from the PSX version of FFT using CD Mage, but when I try to do this with the PSP ISO, I discovered that the folders are completely different. I searched through each one separately, but I don't see any sprite files anywhere.

I did a search and found CidIII's guide on Spriting, and it mentioned uploading sprite files directly from the ISO by using the ISO tab. I have what I assume to be the latest version of FFTPatcher (v0.0352), but when I open Shishi, there IS NO ISO TAB.

Am I doing something wrong? I can't shake this feeling that I'm missing something incredibly simple, since it seems like no one else has had much of a problem getting sprites from the PSP ISO...

you should download shishi sprite manager from the downloads section...all you have to do is open the ISO with the program and gives you a list of each character and their sprites...and you can export them to your computer for editing purposes and can import them back when you finish...replacing the old sprite file with your new won't see the changes in the unit selection screen but it will show up in battle

Easy link for all sprites ripped:


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