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 on: September 16, 2018, 08:32:38 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Kairetsu
I think it's ok to slightly decrease monster's offense in exchange for more durability. Just keep in mind, that there are missions where you must kill all enemies under time limit. I believe it was Tonberry, maybe there are others. So, if you increase monster's Hp too much, "time limit" mission might end up frustrating or impossible.

Also, perhaps the current level limit (50) is too low. It's still like too easy to reach the level cap even with decreased exp gain. Maybe decrease the exp gain even more, or bump the level cap to 75 or something. The Cinquleur battles became less "epic" since all of them are stuck at level 50. Not to mention they lack debuff protection (Ribbon and Orb of Minwu nerf) which made them too easy to defeat even with level 10 party.

Are you going to alter enemy formation soon? I noticed plenty of humanoid enemies "lost" some of their old skills (usually Seer), probably because you rearranged the skill database a bit.


If you alter formation, please make escort mission more... bearable by making the guest unit more defensive. Mission like Sun Rippen Mayhem and Popocho Chocobo are total nightmare, the guest died in like 2 hits considering monster's damage are pretty brutal here.

 on: September 16, 2018, 06:27:59 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
Yeah, maybe we can include the Keeper as a new job eventually. I hope you enjoy the new jobs and changes :P May you throw me an opinion about what "I'm currently doing for next patch"? I think it would be more fun because you won't get one shot killed and the monsters would feel more durable and stronger creatures than humanoids are.

 on: September 16, 2018, 05:25:19 PM 
Started by Eternal - Last post by Shokat
Hey, that Vampyr had interesting ideas. To be honest, I'm particularly curious about the Lifepawn skill. Do you know how to reverse the effect? Because I wanted something similar for my Lanista and Block! I think it matches his essence xD But so far I didn't get results, if it hits to self it gives both Cover and Covered.

 on: September 15, 2018, 09:26:19 PM 
Started by Xifanie - Last post by xjamxx
Thanks, you are awesome  ;).

The routine at 0x8008e468, is not initializing the battle camera at least for the zoom. Haven't try the angle.

But this code:
Code: [Select]
34021000 ac620080which can be found twice in the iso, the first occurrence is the one for initializing the battle camera (zoom only tested)

You really are top  :oops:
Added to patch both angle (3 places not sure which is the key, all are near) and zoom:
Still there is an issue with r2 and l2, cuz a flag or smt like that make the game believe that the starting camera is always zoom in, so if u start with zoom out values, the first time u press r2 or l2 u won't notice anything.

Again, thanks for everything to Nyzer, Elric, Xifanie, special thanks to Glain (you really did it). I won't post anything else, at least about this camera hack, all credit goes to Glain (you found it plus you wrote the initial xml structure).

Now back to play my custom modded FFT, cya!

 on: September 15, 2018, 05:17:38 PM 
Started by Xifanie - Last post by Glain
Interesting routines/code:

Routine 0x8008e468 might be initializing the battle camera.  Particularly interesting:
Code: [Select]
8008e488: 3c04800c lui r4,0x800c
8008e48c: 24847ca0 addiu r4,r4,0x7ca0
8008e490: 34051000 ori r5,r0,0x1000
8008e494: 34061000 ori r6,r0,0x1000
8008e498: 0c010acb jal 0x80042b2c
8008e49c: 34071000 ori r7,r0,0x1000

Sets the camera zoom values to default zoomed-in value 0x1000.

Further in the same routine:
Code: [Select]
8008e4a0: 3c04800a lui r4,0x800a
8008e4a4: 24847784 addiu r4,r4,0x7784
8008e4a8: 3405012e ori r5,r0,0x012e
8008e4ac: 34060e00 ori r6,r0,0x0e00
8008e4b0: 0c010ac7 jal 0x80042b1c
8008e4b4: 00003821 addu r7,r0,r0

Copying some more values, including 0x12e which is what you listed as the default angle-in value.

Routine 0x8012dde8 is also playing with some camera values, including here:
Code: [Select]
8012dee4: 34021000 ori r2,r0,0x1000
8012dee8: ac620080 sw r2,0x0080(r3)

 on: September 15, 2018, 02:50:44 PM 
Started by VallinVallentine - Last post by Nyzer
Also, just a little commentary here.

The fan-made sequel mods you'll find on FFH are way better sequels than anything made for the Nintendo handhelds. That's not necessarily a barb about their quality (even though the Law systems and A2's "plot" are utter ass) but more of a mention that the A series is really a spinoff series, not a sequel series.

I think FFTA is a pretty great game for what it is, but it's a game that was simplified and aimed at a far younger audience. There just isn't nearly as much potential there.

 on: September 15, 2018, 09:20:34 AM 
Started by VallinVallentine - Last post by Elric

 on: September 15, 2018, 09:03:13 AM 
Started by VallinVallentine - Last post by VallinVallentine
Extremely new to this and I am not sure where to begin aside from just asking. I do have specific questions that have been answered by researching the forums, but there is one that I have yet to have answered clearly! That question being,

Is it possible to just play some of the mods I have seen listed. I am beyond clueless as to how to apply any of this and even more so to the language that is used commonly, despite learning a good deal by way of research. Put simply, is there a way to just click a mod and play it as I might play the original game in it's original state? I honestly expect a million insults, but if I can get a simple answer that would be lovely. If the answer is no, I suppose Ill have to look up a simplified how to on .. well, how to do that in as easy a way as possible.

I am just a huge fan of the game and have wanted more since the original. Sequels are sequels but the original frame is what built my most beloved home for the series and I have been crazy to find something that gave me more made and played in that original fashion. I thank anyone who might be able to assist and being new as I am, I can't say how heartend I am to see it given new life! I sincerely thank anyone who would see that done.

                                                                                         - Vallin Vallentine.

 on: September 14, 2018, 03:41:51 PM 
Started by Xifanie - Last post by Elric
Also there is a weird behaviour with the angle, bird view is only for map and not toons...

If you looked at a spritesheet for FFT, you'd see why this angle wont work

 on: September 14, 2018, 03:41:02 PM 
Started by Leonarth - Last post by Leonarth
This is an update to the skill purchase system, I have been updating the files on dropbox these past days but I thought I would make a post here about what's changed.

To anybody that is wondering, you can use this engine hack with existing saves for both vanilla and hacked FFTA versions without issues.

The only thing that I think is left would be to change the judge reward graphics (JP1, JP10), I might do that at some point but I do not consider it important. I would say the patch is now at a 100% playable state.

I want to remind people that this patch makes it impossible to use combos and totemas.

Fixes and Changes:

First of all, I made a lot of changes so sorry if I forget about some of them.
  • Added a better display for the current AP, it now shows both current AP and total needed AP.
  • The abilities menu should now never bork graphically.
  • Changed the way blue magic is checked, the old way (making it have 0 AP needed) was causing too many problems. (It now works through a forbidden-to-buy list)
  • Fixed Steal: JP.
  • Fixed judge JP awards.
  • Made it so unmastered abilities don't show for enemy units.
  • Made it so unmastered abilities don't show for ally units during battle.
  • Added options to the "Rom Buildfile.event" file.

This is a list of things you can easily change by just opening the buildfile.
  • Steal: JP's "damage" threshold. (base, variance up, variance down)
  • Judge JP rewards. (Hunting reward will be JP reward*10)
  • List of forbidden to buy abilities.
  • Option to remove judges from the game. (default OFF)
The default base damage for Steal: JP is 20, with 10 up and down variance, the judge reward is also 20 by default, judges are NOT removed by default.

Download Links are still the same:

The patch for vanilla FFTA:

The source buildfile, which you can use to apply this to any FFTA romhack, as well as to customize the whole thing:

(A friend has been testing Skill Purchase with Grim Grimoire, so I thought I would add an .ups file for it)
The patch for Grim Grimoire, apply over a rom with Grim Grimoire already patched:
Keep in mind that this mod might update in the future, rendering this .ups patch unusable, if that happens use the buildfile download.

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