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 on: September 18, 2018, 01:16:24 AM 
Started by Leonarth - Last post by Blunderpusse
That's certainly a nice feature. Makes it a bit more like Tactics Ogre and even the original FF Tactics.

 on: September 18, 2018, 12:14:08 AM 
Started by Leonarth - Last post by Bonesy

 on: September 17, 2018, 10:52:00 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Kairetsu
A few things to 'report'.

1. Blizzard needs an increase in 'Height Difference'. It was only 1 (which is annoying in practical use). Other similar skills has 2 'Height Difference'.

2. Catnip needs range. One range is too short considering Provoke and Molotov Cocktail have 4 range. Not to mention they don't have mp cost while Catnip cost 8 mp. I didn't really care about Catnip mp, but the lack of range is big issue. Perhaps change it into small area to 'differentiate' Catnip from other Berserk skills. I guess that's a little bit too good.

3. Sheep Count 'might' need extra range from 3 to 5. Well... Green Mage's Sleep is 5 range too...
Also, please move Sheep Count to different weapon. It was in Hurdy-gurdy, which is a reward from late Story mission. I think it's way too far for a skill that do something so basic (Green Mage's Sleep was located in beginning weapon). How about moving Sheep Count to other early instrument like Demon Bell or Lamia Harp? It should give Animist and Beastmaster an useful skill in the early game (which is the difficult part).

4. Battle Chant and Magical Refrain need 'Height Difference' more than 0.

5. Mincing Minuet mp cost is too high (34 mp) for a single target healing. Even if it does heal a lot. Curaga more or less does the same thing with only 24 mp.

6. Syphon needs improvement to make it at least give 10 mp 'profit'. Steal Mp deals 20 mp damage plus 10 mp gain (which is 10 mp 'profit'). Syphon steals 10 mp but it cost 8 mp (only 2 mp 'profit'). Either increase the steal amount or decrease the mp cost in order to make Syphon worth using.

7. Eerie Sound Wave mp is too high for single target dispel. Maybe 8 or 10 mp is more reasonable? Or keep the mp cost but add some interesting side effect like turn delay or something.

(I hope I'm not bothering you by 'reporting' a lot.)

 on: September 17, 2018, 06:23:22 PM 
Started by Leonarth - Last post by Eternal
Well, I know what I'm going to be including in GG 2.0. Great work on this!

 on: September 17, 2018, 06:19:58 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
1. Now can target self

2-3. Originally my intention was that Hunter might get range flexibility, not another Sniper, but a class that may help from close (Oust, advices or traps) or from afar (Sonic and Hunter shot, Sidewinder and regular bow attacks). It feel it was the main intention of the devs, if not, why given it knives as weapon? And Sniper can Vanish and set a Trap while Invisible. So you can move into enemy territory, wait. Next turn set trap and run away xD With one more range should help the Viera to escape.

But it is true that I neglected Ranger, expecting some feedback first. So thanks, and now all "Traps" are 2 range fixed, cost MP, but Ranger uses less MP than Sniper or Hunter. Also he uses MP for Awareness now

4. I have no idea how it can't target surroundings. Still checking.

5. Fixed

 on: September 17, 2018, 02:58:24 PM 
Started by Leonarth - Last post by Leonarth
This is a small patch I made, I decided to make a new topic for it instead of throwing it with my other stuff so people can see it more easily.

The patch is very simple in what it does, it makes all maps act like Jagds, there are two versions, one with judges and one without them, having no judges means no laws and no JP but it has nothing to do with permanent death so you can choose whatever you like the most.

There is another change, ending any battle in a loss is a Game Over, ending any battle with Marche dead is also a Game Over, on top of that, ending a battle while Montblanc is dead before the first Jagd is reached also results in a Game Over (Montblanc can die after/during the first Jagd, just not before it).

There is a third patch that only removes judges.

These patches do not use any freespace at the end of the rom, they instead replace unused events, this means they should be compatible with any FFTA mod that exists so far, the patching program might complain about the files not matching but that shouldn't be an issue, just disable/ignore the notification (tested with Grim Grimoire and NUPS).

Please, post any problems you find or any feedback you have in this thread.

 on: September 17, 2018, 01:55:53 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Kairetsu
I tested the latest patch. Hume Thief can use gun without bug. Frimelda got dual wield back. Illua has Dimensional Rift in her first battle (the accuracy is a bit too high though). The level cap is now 75 (Black King and White King were fought at that level).

Some other things to report.

1. Angelsong cannot target self.

2. Ranger can use traps with 0 mp plus 4 range. But, Hunter and Sniper's trap cost mp and only 1 range. Maybe, increase the range a little? It's difficult to use trap at short range.

3. The skill "Hunter Trap" only has 1 range regardless of weapon equipped. Considering that Hunter is long range class and the skill itself inflict Root... maybe it's better to make the skill's range weapon dependant.

4. I know Chocobo Knight is not officially done yet. But, Choco Cure for some reason only target self instead of self + surrounding. Please, return the radius to what it was in original game.


5. Charisma has the same problem with (old) Heart Shot. The charm debuff disappears immediately on successful hit. It should be easy to fix.

 on: September 17, 2018, 09:25:44 AM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
Yeah Juggler has the most curious mixture of weapons xD Since the equipment gains in flexibility I thought of giving abnormal stats depending on weapons, such as Sabers getting magic, Axes more damage. But it would need a perfect balance because otherwise, we'll pick the same weapon over and over. So I really need to think well the changes and check damage formulas <.< It's lazy work with no real impact now but, maybe later.

2-3-4 : I don't really care, to be honest, those were changes made in last moment. I thought a Lanista (Ex-Gladiator) would be able to use spears, so with Ravager (Primitive weapon of always have been spears. Feralism = Primitive xD) and fighter just because he is to me like a master of swords o.o

1: Really?! :c Ugh, it is very disappointed not being able to use Rapiers with hume thief... They are going to get a gun =-= It will give another reason for people to use thief as main job, since in abilities is not the stronger.

EDIT: Fixed all that, you can download from here. Because I'm not sure if I messed with someone I should not lol.

EDIT 2: Go to download the 0.9 xP I need you to test all ♥ lol

 on: September 17, 2018, 01:08:19 AM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Kairetsu
I tested the new weapons for each class. Most of them worked without bug. Some were surprisingly well done (card throwing Juggler FTW XD).

But! A few weapons caused the game to freeze.

1. Hume Thief attacks with rapier. Moogle Thief can use rapier just fine without bug. But, Hume Thief caused freeze.

2. Fighter with rapier.

3. Lanista with spear.

4. Ravager with spear.

Also, Vaan skill "Steel Speed" was typed "Steel Spee" without the last 'd'. Illua somehow didnt have her infamous Dimensional Rift during her first battle. She only had Abyssal Slash, Time Blade, and Saber. Illua without Dimensional Rift is "lame" lol.


Frimelda lost her Dual Wield when recruited. There is no reason not to give back her Dual Wield because Hume can learn it normally now.

 on: September 16, 2018, 11:20:32 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
Next patch:

First, I didn't notice it could affect some missions, I'll try to alter with that in mind.

Second, I agree with the level cap, let's try with 75 level cap.

Third, I'll try to specifically solve the balance issues of those annoying missions.

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