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Unexplored lands (PSX)...  (Read 325 times)
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  • [April 02, 2018, 06:42:29 AM]
Unexplored lands (PSX)...
« on: April 02, 2018, 06:42:29 AM »
Below for reference are the unexplored lands (proposition rewards) from the game. I used ShishiSpriteEditor to screenshot the images and FFTactext (great program name) to attain the text info (from the PSX version). The image resolution is originally 120x80 pixels but I've increased it to 240x160 pixels in the individual images below. At the bottom of this post is one image combining all unexplored lands at their original resolution.

I think 240x160 is the in-game display size...but if someone knows it's something different, I'll resize the individual images in this post.

01 - Shrine of Chaos

Long ago, ancient gods sealed Jade, the king of Hell, deep underground. Also on that very same spot is the Shrine of Chaos, a defiled shrine with an air of decadence.

02 - Forbidden Land Eureka

According to legend, Eureka was the once prosperous capitol of the Kashuka kingdom which collapsed due to the enormous debt of the royal family. Today, it's a ghost town, a memory of its past glory.

03 - Pandemonium

The former capital of the ancient Paramekia Empire. Surrounded by a mountain range of 9000m, even airships couldn't access it. The only way to reach the city was through a corridor that passed through Hell.

04 - Mirage Tower

This tower connects the ancient Ronkan castle to the earth. A special magic coating on the walls keeps the tower hidden. Once in a while, the castle can be faintly seen as a mirage.

05 - Floating Castle

Winged men once knew how to create floating rocks. The same technology was used for this castle. But with the disappearence of winged men, the technology was also lost.

06 - Matoya Cave

The cave where the magician Matoya who served the ancient kingdom of Ronkan lived. He was well liked by the people, but after creating a demon, he was feared as a sorcerer.

07 - Crystal Tower

The castle of the ancient kingdom of Baron. The town was built like a labyrinth to keep strangers out. The castle is made of pure crystal representing the power and wealth of the royal family. It was built entirely at the peoples' expense.

08 - Magic Continent

Once, believed to be the gate to either Heaven or Hell, recently scholars agree it is the result of a great impact caused by the collapse of the floating stone within the earth.

09 - Castle of Trials

In the past, this was military school for the Baron's kingdom. An exceptional group of pilots called "Red Wing" graduated from this academy. Even a great institution like this is now destroyed.

10 - Tower of Babel

The legendary tower that reaches to Heaven from deep underground. It's also called Giant's Tower. More than legend, this is a valuable record of an ancient civilization.

11 - Ronkan Ruins

At its height, the Ronkan Empire covered the world. But because of a mysterious disease, the entire civilization was destroyed. Today, only an empty castle remains quietly floating.

12 - Falgabird

Said to be the village where magic swordsmen hide. Because magic swords shorten the life of the user the number of swordsmen steadily decreased. Now, all that remains are empty houses.

13 - Magic Train

A transport train. Used during the war to transport man-made demons, it's now known as the Magic Train. It's also sometimes called the 'carrier of dead'.

14 - Touzas Village

A village of dwarves called Liliputians. Once a dictatorship, it was liberated by the giant, Atlas. Touzas in the original means "distant land".

15 - Chocobo Forest

Very little light comes into this deep forest where many rare, wild Chocobo live. In its center, it's said the World Tree grows. It reeks of Chocobo...

16 - Semite Falls

One of the most important areas in the Paramekia Empire. Mythril can be found within this gigantic waterfall, and its water was used as fuel for the airships of their time. A magical waterfall indeed.

00 - Unexplored Lands Combined
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  • [April 02, 2018, 09:09:25 AM]
Re: Unexplored lands (PSX)...
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2018, 09:09:25 AM »
Same as the other post, you can actually just export the actual image files rather than having to screenshot (assuming im reading your post correctly)

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