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Spriting / Fosil's Sprites
« on: December 06, 2015, 07:19:30 PM »
Been away for a while, but I still check in to lurk every so often. In some of my spare time, I also sprite. Here are a few things I've been working on. The Storm sprite I began has not really touched, as I ran into some issues with her modified cape and animations. But would still like to finish it.

The blue mage attached was spawned from a portrait sketch I did a while ago. I have not tested it in ShiShi for animations, etc, so its still very much a W.I.P... Not to mention it has some horrendously drawn frames for certain poses...

Then, I had the bright idea to redo all generic sprites, and perhaps even some specials, to mimic the Black Mage/Dark Knight look.

There are others I've began to 'Black-Mage-ify', but are not good enough to post examples. A few of the generic sprites are really easy to do this process with, such as Ninja/Lancer/male Mime/etc. While others would require a hat or something that would cast their face into shadows. Also, as a rule I follow, no skin can show. This opens up the possibility of these being non-human constructs (ala FF9's black mages). And without skin tones, the hair can really be any color and look great compared to normal 'caucasian' units.

Also, I began the portrait for the Blue Mage, but being it is entirely custom with no source material, it looks really terrible and isn't worth sharing at this point.

EDIT: I dunno what the deal is with the black pixels on his robe in the zoomed-in Blue Mage, too lazy to re-upload.

So, in my trials of game design, I am currently stuck on how to create a well-balanced, yet interesting skill set for job classes.
I've skimmed the net for resources on how best to do this, but.. uh.. I have not seen much that was helpful.

My best resource for, as it turns out, Skill Tree design, came from the Diablo II Phrozen Keep forum, where a very knowledgeable user gave his input on skill design philosophy. (Link for those interested.) But, obviously, that is Diablo II, and this is Final Fantasy Tactics... I think the basic concepts generally still apply?

That aside, feel free to give example skill sets/jobs from any game or mod. (Diversity is great!)
But FFT-esque compatibles are ideal. :)

I suppose I should offer my favored skillset for "balance": The Squire's Basic Skill skillset. (FFT Arena especially.)
And, as far as skillset "flavor" goes, I would say: Samurai's Draw Out. In addition to how the skills originate in-game--(inspired by a real-world culture as well as drawing power from a weapon)--there is much it can do, and each skill has its uses. (Again, FFT Arena's incarnation is much better.)

Thanks in advance for those of you who participate!

Spriting / Tojoe's Sprites
« on: July 14, 2012, 01:29:55 AM »
(In hopes that I create more sprites, as I often wish to.)

My latest sprite: Phara, the sea-faring Pirate. (Or, you know, whatever you see her as being.
She isn't complete--there are still some... nits... to be... picked... out. As it were. That, and the portrait.
I want her hair to be red. (Gosh, what is it with me and red-heads?) So an alteration will be in order...

I am aware of the funny business with her hands blending into her hair on casting animations. Perhaps the 16th sprite colour can fix that?

Base sprite: Female Ninja; Hair: Female Assassin; Sash: Rapha
Colours may not be to FFT standards. (Did not use entirely existing sprite colours here and there.)
Total colours used: 15 (including black)

In addition, I am toying with the idea of adding white boot... seams? fabric? ... things to spiff it up.

Critiques? Ice cream? Oh please, be ice cream!

FFT Arena / Data collection of Season 1
« on: July 03, 2012, 04:35:29 AM »
Herein I gathered tallies of jobs/items/abilities used in nearly all of the teams from the MemCard Generator spreadsheet. (It is far from fully accurate-it may not include all. However, the data still stands for what its worth.)

This outlines the best, and thus, the most popular.
You could say my goal in this is to encourage the buffing of low-popularity items/jobs/skillsets so that the best aren't quite the best anymore. Easier said than done, I know--balancing is tricky business.

Collection Highlights
(In order of most to least. See if you can guess the best! Full lists & counts in spoilers below)
Top 5 primary jobs: Archer, Scholar, Ninja, Bard, Monk
Top 5 secondary skillsets: Item, White Magic, Draw Out, Ninjitsu, Punch Art
Top 5 reactions: Auto Potion, Damage Split, MA Save, Absorb MP, PA Save
Top 5 support: Magic Attack UP, Attack UP, Short Charge, Defense UP, Throw Item
Top 5 movement: Move-HP Up, Move-MP Up, Move+1, Fly, Teleport
Top weapons of each type: Platina Dagger, Hidden Knife, Rune Blade, Defender, Murasame, Battle Axe, Faith Rod, Wizard Staff, Scorpion Tail, Romanda Gun, Gastrafitis, Mythril Bow, Bloody Strings, Battle Dict, Dragon Whisker, Ivory Rod, H Bag, Persia
Top 5 shields: Genji Shield, Venetian Shield, Aegis Shield, Kaiser Plate, Escutcheon II
Top headgear of each type: Diamond Helmet, Golden Hairpin, Ribbon
Top bodygear of each type: Reflect Mail, Black Costume, Linen Robe
Top accessory of each type: Sprint Shoes, Magic Gauntlet, Angel Ring, 108 Gems, Vanish Mantle, Chantage

Suffice to say, it is sad when so many items are neglected. Next step: suggestions for improvement? How about it, Arena-masters? :)

What if the wiki was... well, more of a wiki?

We could create pages about sprites, with that sprite's default portrait, sprite sheet, palette(s), and skill sets--as well as basic biographical data like date of birth, zodiac sign, Brave Story entry, help text of any sort that originates from that character, Bravery/Faith quotes, etc.
- For palettes, we could create sub-pages that detail that sprite's palette data, and be able to click on one of the colors displayed to see what other sprites also use, say: "Ramza Chapter 1's lightest shade of blue."

- For custom sprites that were "frankensteined" from other sprites, perhaps we could include links to their respective original sources?

- For skill sets, each ability could have its own sub-page? And within that page would be its formula, and that formula could have its own category that links to other abilities/weapons that also use that formula. Also, there could be detailed effect observations of that ability which state how it applies to single targets vs. groups vs. all allies/foes. (I seem to remember a forum article that had Youtube videos of such things but could not readily find it)

("tl;dr" Basically any data that would be useful to a user if he or she were to implement this sprite into their patch would be documented and easily accessible.
Of course there any many many more things that could be put on the wiki, the limit is in the user base. So, how about it?

The Lounge / Zodiac Stones after end-game?
« on: May 11, 2011, 01:44:13 PM »
What happens to the Zodiac stones after the events of end-game FFT?
I've read several entries on FFT's story, but there are no details of if.

Due to this, no one knows. So then, I want some opinions from others as to what might happen to them.

I've had several ideas, myself.
- Ramza gives the stones to his friends (party members, whether special or generic) to keep safe
(Obviously this would vary from player to player, depending what company he kept. Although there are still key-characters from the story that could fulfill these tasks, such as Orran or Valmafra)
- Ramza (and/or his friends) scatter them throughout the continent, or even world
- They are destroyed?

Reason is: I may be dabbling a little into story content set after the completion of FFT's story.

Spriting / Our own Malcolm Reynolds (sprite)
« on: May 06, 2011, 01:22:52 AM »
While avoiding the wall that is redesigning Rapha and Marach, an idea hit me. I love Firefly. I love FFTactics. Mei yong ma duh tse gu yong!
However, I'm not planning to do the entire cast. For now I only have Malcolm and Inara in mind. (Then, if not Inara, Zoey)

They blend into the world of Ivalice enough, with guns and all. Convert space stuff to sea stuff and it works! (Minus the magic, but that is easily overlooked.)
I might be getting some hate mail that I'm ruining the world of Firefly/Serenity though...

I'm aware of the sprite messiness and incorrect colours. This is just a "rough draft" if you will.
Please, blow me out of the water!
It may be a piece of gosa, but gorramit its my piece of gosa.

Help! / Where can I get Balthier's sprite?
« on: May 05, 2011, 06:57:02 PM »
My searches are fruitless. However, some other users have the sprite in some way, either borrowing from it or posting implementation troubles concerning it.

I have found a version from 'The Spriters Resource' site, however its format is incorrect. So, surely someone has made a PSX-compatible version of this sprite? If so, could someone please point me to it?

Help! / Skillsets based on a unit's Zodiac sign?
« on: April 20, 2011, 02:37:33 PM »
Like Bard & Dancer, is it possible to have a job's skillset differ based on Zodiac sign, instead of gender?

If so, replacing Orator with this would be totally awesome--albeit open to abuse with GameSharking.

And curious what would happen if you were to change their Zodiac sign mid-battle. I imagine their skillset would stay the same, until after-battle. Or perhaps, stay what it was originally--unless checks were made? I don't know much of that, though.

Spriting / Meliadoul Unveiled
« on: April 04, 2011, 03:25:38 AM »
In lieu of requests to alter my almost-submission... (Which is a very good thing!)

In wanting to re-imagine characters in different lights, I chose Meliadoul as my first task. I gave her (what I felt) was a more pleasing green cloak, and subsequently had to alter her gauntlet palette colours due to her hair. I also had to remove her grayish undergarment to trim down the palette. This led to me pasting over the male Archer's boots, which might not have been the best choice in retrospection, as there are better "metallic" boots to copy over.

Attached here is my progress at this point. I warmly welcome any suggestion, so please, suggest away! :)

- It has been already suggested that I restore the cloak's original colour. (Both hooded and 'hair' versions)
- Should I reduce the hair's saturation?

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