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Spriting Tutorial (Using Shishi's, etc.)

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I was planning on doing some pictures for the palette section a little later, but do you think I need pictures for this?

Amazing thread, helped me out trmendously; I just wish You'd tell us how to make them show up in the unit screen, heh.

Replace the sprites in unit.bin file
But of course, they need to be in 16-bit colors. ^^


--- Quote from: "CidIII" ---Isn't that what the help section is?
--- End quote ---

I was suggesting a rename.


on your note #1, it is possible, its in my "Adding more Lucavi" tutorial, which in all honesty should be name changed. auradragon posted a new list of the correct addresses to change a sprite from 1 to type 2. No one seemed to notice that contribution before he left.


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