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When it comes to changing battle sprites in the PSP version it works exactly the same was as the PSX version and the PSP version has the all the sprites the PSX version has + the new ones.

So far the only problem I've run into in regards to changing sprites has been with Cloud's sprite. Each time I've tried to import a .bmp over Cloud's sprite the game just freezes when trying to get to the title main menu.

As for patching the PSP ISO itself there is a certain order of things.

1. Get an original (unpatched) copy of the ISO and make sure you go into properties and uncheck the read-only box.

2. Make any changes in FFTPatcher and FFTactext and choose Patch ISO in each respective program.

3. Use UMDGen to find fftpack.bin in the ISO you patched and extract fftpack.bin to your desired location.

4. Use FFTPatcher and choose extract fftpack.bin and extract the files to your desired location.

5. Using ShishiSpriteEditor you can open any of the .SPR files located in the BATTLE folder to export/import and make any desired sprite changes. Obviously save once you import anything so that the change is saved.

6. Once you are done changing the desired sprites, use FFTPatcher and rebuild fftpack.bin. Choose the folder with all the files you extracted in step 4, then save the new "fftpack.bin" file as fftpack to your desired location.

7. Open your patched ISO with UMDGen and find fftpack.bin. Then drag the recently rebuilt fftpack.bin over the one in the patched ISO and choose "Yes" when it asks if you wish to save over the original fftpack.bin

8. Lastly while using UMDGen choose save as and save your fully patched ISO to your desired location using whatever name you want. Then just copy the ISO to your ISO folder in the root for psp folder and enjoy.

A few notes:

- When you extract fftpack.bin from your ISO, the fftpack.bin will have all changes you made when you patched the ISO, so if you need to repatch the ISO again you also need to re-extract fftpack.bin again so it can have all of your changes.

- Once you save your new "ISO" after all the changes (i.e. step you can 't you can't repatch this ISO because FFTPatcher/FFTactext will not recognize the ISO.

If there are any questions or if anyone wants to add on to this let me know.

So you are telling me job names only change in the pre battle screen?
Figures. The only thing I wanted to change...

Yep thats exactly how it works.


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