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Please use .png instead of .bmp when uploading unfinished sprites to the forum!

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 on: Today at 12:13:09 AM 
Started by Valkirst - Last post by WotL Warrior
I'm beyond impressed by the quality of your sprite work. I honestly think they could pass as official FFT sprites. Amazing!

 on: February 17, 2018, 06:18:35 PM 
Started by Barren - Last post by silentkaster
I will try to come up with something.

 on: February 17, 2018, 05:16:31 PM 
Started by Xifanie - Last post by Lyrithus
I'd like it to be noted that this is not instructions for a step-by-step telling of the story, but rather, a tool that I think could be a valuable reference. Use whatever you will, or cut out whatever is too much; I only wish to contribute and hopefull some of this will be of use. Attached is my work in a better wordpad structure, but otherwise:

Delita's Story


   The story should be told from Delita's perspective, as the historian obviously views Delita's story as at least slightly less significant, and cares more about the secret of Ramza's tale. By having the narrative be told from Delita's view, we can get a whole new view on his story.

   Instead of the scheming "do what has to be done, underhanded or not" kind of dark hero, who cares only about himself and seemingly cuts the bond he shared with Ramza, we can show that, inside, its exactly the opposite. He never cut his bonds, or stopped caring, in fact, it is because he cares so much that he is willing to be the bad guy if he has to to protect his friends and change the world for the better.

It begins with a paused event scene as Delita is sitting at a desk in a room, writing in his journal; (he is dressed in a brown priest robe; later the room is revealed to be a room inside the Church of Glabados).  Like the paused cadet scene, white text rolls across the screen.

    1st Entry:
   "My sister and I were brought to the Gariland orphanage after our parents had died from the black death. The orphanage runs on the charity of the noble House of Beoulve, which also heads an order of knights called the Northern Sky.

   2nd Entry:
   The orphanage is frequented by members of the Northern sky, always looking to conscript new workers or foot soldiers. But the other day, the head of the Beoulves and leader of the Northern Sky, Barbaneth Beoulve, came in to visit with my sister and I.

   3rd Entry:
   Apparently, he too had lost someone he loved to the black death, and showed great empathy. He seem very strong, but he also was just as kind, as he offered to adopt us and raise us in the Beoulve family. I eagerly said yes, as I thought it meant my sister could live a much happier life than we could ever have elsewhere.

   4th Entry:
   I was such a naive child then...

Chapter 1

An event battle involving a young Delita and Ramza with wooden swords in hand about to square off in a sparring match. Standing watch over the match as arbitrator is Zalbag, and far behind him is Dycedarg and Barbaneth, along with Teitra and Alma watching as well. Player controls only Delita, and there is only 1 spot to place him during formation phase.

   "Alright you two, let's try not to injure each other this time. As always, the one to force their opponent down is the winner.
Zalbags leans in:
   "(Father is watching, and you will both recieve your first assignment at the academy tomorrow, so you better look sharp!)"
   "Alright, are you both ready? ... Begin!"

The battle starts. Delita is first, but just outside of walking distance to Ramza to be able to attack on the first turn, so this serves as a teaching method; 4 hits on either Delita or Ramza will cause them to be defeated, so Delita SHOULD just wait and let Ramza come to him. The player must win to advance the story.

As the battle ends, the scene continues with a defeated Ramza kneeled and frustrated at his loss.

   "Damn! I thought I had you!"
   "You might have, if you hadn't been so impatient. I knew you'd rush me, so I waited to counter your attack."
   "Hahaha, so smug. Still, your skill is really something Delita. You might be a knight before me! Haha."
   "You really think so? Hehe, maybe, but don't sell yourself short Ramza. Your much better than you think. Besides, I want us to become knights together."

The two friends maybe do a fist bump, or shake hands. Barbaneth nods, Dycedarg closes his eyes.

   "A fine job, the both of you. You have done well to come this far. Ramza. Delita. Know that you have honored the House of Beoulve, and that I am proud of you both.
   "You spoil them, father. They will grow into conceit if they do not learn humility. Especially Delita."
   "That's enough Dycedarg! You need to-"
Delita Kneels
   "No, Lord Barbaneth, Lord Dycedarg is correct. I am not worthy of praise yet, but I will work harder to earn my standing, and do my best to-"
   "Delita, how many times must I ask you? Please, call me father. Do not listen to Dycedarg, he is too harsh sometimes, but he only means to bring out the best in you both."
   "Yes, my lor- .. uh, I mean.. Yes, Father."
   "(You did great.)"

   The scene ends. The entire rest of the first chapter should start with the academy scene and the first battle in Gariland, all the way up until Teitra's death at For Zeikden. The "Guest" character in the player's formation should be Ramza, and Delita is controled since he is the main character. Most of the original chapter revolves around the two of them as the main characters, and I can provide tweaks here and there to the script to put more focus on Delita.

   The only real reason Ramza felt as the main character in the original was the historian's introduction of him, the battle at the monestary, and Delita being the "guest" in the formation. With the above scene replacing the Monestary battle, and making Ramza the "guest" instead of Delita, we effectively acheive that main character feel as Delita with very little actualy work.

 on: February 16, 2018, 07:14:44 PM 
Started by Xifanie - Last post by Lyrithus
Sorry, I did not see suggestions section, but I this post would be ok because I strongly wish to participate in the project! :D

Generic Jobs list

Squire- Customize the squire abilities as you will, maybe Potion/Phoenix Down/Antidote shld be added

Cleric/Medic- 1st & 2nd tier healing items, "buff" items (See Abilities>[Medicine] for details)

Archer-(Squire Lv2) Charge+ system gone, replacing with WIP

Knight-(Squire Lv3) Power Break-Magic Break:dmg&lower str/mag by 20-25% / Equip Break=90% success rate

Apostle-(Cleric Lv3) offensive items/status items- poisons, venoms, etc. (See Abilities>[Mix] for details)

Rogue-(Squire Lv3, Archer Lv3) can dual knives, (See Abilities>[Gile] for details) ambush charge+ only can follow target, quick stab, steal

Blk Mage-(Apostle Lv3, Cleric Lv3) NO Fire 12&3- Fira/Firaga (See Abilities>[Black Magic] for more details)

Lancer-(Archer Lv4, Knight Lv2) No jump (See Abilities>[Lancer] for details)

Wht Mage-(Cleric/Medic Lv3, Apostle Lv2) no att magic like Holy, (See Abilities>[White Magic] for details)

Guardian-(Knight Lv5, Lancer Lv5

Summoner-(Blk Mage Lv4, Wht Mage Lv3)


Mystic-(Blk Mage Lv5, Wht Mage Lv4, Summoner Lv 3)

Dragoon-(Knight Lv4, Rogue Lv3, Lancer Lv4) add jump

Alchemist-(Cleric Lv5, Apostle Lv4, Mystic Lv3)

Archainist/Sage-(Summoner Lv5, Blk Mage 6, Mystic Lv4)

Machinist-(Apostle Lv3, Rogue Lv4, Trickster Lv5

Dark Knight & Holy Knight-(Knight Lv6, Guardian Lv5, & either Wht Mage Lv3 or Blk Mage Lv3)

Djinblade-(Archer Lv 4, Knight Lv3, Apostle Lv3, Rogue Lv5)

Arc Knight-

 on: February 16, 2018, 06:03:05 AM 
Started by Zeke_Aileron - Last post by Stormlag
Oh I remembered that its counted as a Saber weapon... Have you tried it with Monkey Grip Passive skill? might cause problems carrying 2 greatswords if he has inner Dual wield and Monkey Grip.... not likely but maybe

 on: February 16, 2018, 03:39:43 AM 
Started by Zozma - Last post by Nyzer
Here, follow this link to a decently recent talk about the estimated cost of new Lucavi sprites by one of the site's best and most prominent spriters.

 on: February 16, 2018, 12:58:41 AM 
Started by Zeke_Aileron - Last post by Zeke_Aileron
Oh my! that's really great! If this is not the final update, If you can create 3 or 5 Gift Skill Item like this found in the game with different types of effects... OOOhh that would be so awesome.(like stealing from enemies like Illua first battle or hiding it in game)

I'm really pumped up to play the update!

it's not the final update; However, The update after the Gria Job update is going to be the Battle Formations update which will include enemies that didn't have boots and or accessories will happen to balance out these fights along with enemies having some armor/abilities changes if necessary.

Chances for me making more Gift items is unlikely since i plan on making most story boss fight enemies to have Safeguard equipped, and the gift item is only unique as a single item. (i wanted to change the item's image into a Book image, but i'm not able to do that.)

 on: February 16, 2018, 12:22:50 AM 
Started by Zeke_Aileron - Last post by Stormlag
Oh my! that's really great! If this is not the final update, If you can create 3 or 5 Gift Skill Item like this found in the game with different types of effects... OOOhh that would be so awesome.(like stealing from enemies like Illua first battle or hiding it in game)

I'm really pumped up to play the update!

 on: February 15, 2018, 08:23:16 PM 
Started by Mickey B - Last post by Xifanie
We can on PSX, don't know if you want to try to make it work for WotL.

 on: February 15, 2018, 03:43:50 PM 
Started by Aiolon - Last post by Aiolon

Fixes a few bugs and one of them is actually gamebreaking.. i thought i had this fixed but silly me saved a patch and forgot to apply it so..

-Fixed Bethla Garrison Sluice fight that had 2 knights unable to become crystals making it imposible for the player to finish the battle.
the knights have been replaced with chocobos that can be poached or turn into crystal.
-Fixed some item requirements in synth shop.
-Fixed the description and job names for Rafa and Malak.
-Fixed some random human units flagged as monsters.
-Fixed Mustadio's Secret ability! stupid me forgot to hit that learn on Hit -_-. Considering this is particularly hard to get since the stupid boss that has it Refuses to attack mustadio unless A) The ability is strong enough to kill him or B) he is the only target he can reach. Good luck getting it :P
- Increased The HP of robs and some clothing.

Thats all the relevant changes for now~ hopefully i won't have to fight more bugs but if you find something really odd then let me now! taking suggestions and answering questions~

Current version Here and in the OP (RIP my few downloads)

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