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New challenger has arrived!!

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So anyway, I was testing my game, booting out Rad, Lavian, Alicia, and then it hit me. These guys are still useless!

What should I do with the unspecialized special units? Currently I have...

Rad - Red Mage (would be a new class)

Lavian - unlocked up to Geomancer

Alicia - unlocked up to Lancer

Boco - all Chocobo skills and can Fly, but has lower stats and 5 move (No other chocobo can fly anymore)
--[previously suggested Mbarrier, which is just too good]

Any other classes that you think should be added are welcome in this topic. Note however that my ability to add new skills is limited.

You read my mind with the creation of red mage!  I'd like to see the red mage be half white, half black with only the lower level spells like fire 1 and fire 2, no fire 3; raise, no raise 2.  And of course equip swords.  

I also like the the thought of the class of mage knight.  The knight would have elemental based sword attacks similar to Steiner from FF9 ala fireslash, bolt slash.  How about the animation for the fire, bolt and ice spells with a sword swing.  Kinda cool, hopefully not too powerful or cheap.

Seems rather worthless really, since you can't implement the traditional Doublecast

i don't know the thought of having access to black and white magic PLUS a second class is very appealing.

make lavian a knight sword (mystic knight) and alicia a necromancer :P


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